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Monday Jun 10 2019

Zulfi Bukhari challenges Bilawal to stage protest against PTI govt

Zulfi Bukhari hit out at Bilawal for making irresponsible statements against the PTI govt

LONDON: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Development Zulfi Bukhari has challenged Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Bilawal Bhutto Zardari to stage a movement against the government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and try spending at least two days on the road with protestors.

Addressing a large gathering of PTI supporters at a London restaurant, Zulfi Bukhari hit out at the PPP leader for making irresponsible statements against the PTI government and said that PPP and rest of the opposition parties don’t have the street power and people will not come out against Imran Khan’s government on their call. He asked Bilawal to accept his challenge for just two days, let alone doing anything like 126 days of PTI dherna.

“Pakistanis know what Zardari and Sharifs have done to the country. They trust honest leadership of Imran Khan and his team. It’s not easy to befool the public with nice slogans anymore. Bilawal should try staging a protest and he will realise that he will have no one to stand by him. Bilawal has no idea about the real life politics. Same is the case with Sharifs,” said Bukhari told the jam-packed audience.

PTI leader Roomi Malik had organised the public rally which was attended by PTI supporters from many parts of the country. Zulfi was greeted with dhol, bhangra and PTI anthems upon his arrival in the main hall. A large number of female participants were also in the audience.

He said Pakistan’s economy faced problems at the moment but right steps have been take for the long term stability of the economy and prosperity of Pakistan.

He asked overseas Pakistani to raise their voice against Islamophobia and racism. “Islamophobia and racism are for real. Imran Khan is already leading the charge against Islamophobia. With Imran Khan as our prime minister, other nations expect a lot from us.”

Zulfi said the PTI government was committed to fully protect and facilitate the overseas Pakistanis and other foreign investors in order to attract huge investments for the prosperity of the country. He was hopeful that the country would witness a huge foreign direct investments from overseas. He announced that a group of leading business tycoons would come to Pakistan with their huge investments by the end of June this year. He said the investment coming to Pakistan will be a proof trust in the honest, transparent and business-friendly leadership in the face of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He urged Pakistan to invest in Pakistan and assured them that their investments would be fully protected and facilitated.

He said the PTI government was taking a number of measures for the welfare and resolution of overseas Pakistanis problems including the establishment of overseas courts to resolve issues of overseas Pakistan on speedy basis.

Zulfi Bukhari told PTI supporters to continue supporting Imran Khan and not pay heed to leaders of PPP, PMLN and other opposition parties. He said the PTI has been in power only for nine months to cleanse the system of corruption and nepotism. “It will take time and patience is needed. Prime Minister Imran Khan is working overtime for Pakistan. He already has a great record of service to the poor people, unlike Nawaz Sharif and Zardari who failed to do anything meaningful for the country during their rule spread over decades.”

Famous rapper and singer Imran Khan popped in for a surprise performance to greet Zulfi Bukhari.

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