Pakistan vs South Africa: Imran Tahir memes that’ll make your day

Aliha Ejaz
Imran Tahir celebrating a wicket. Photo: AFP 

LONDON: The clash between Pakistan and South Africa at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 is in full swing at Lord's stadium and it looks like green shirts are in the form today.

The 40-year-old South Africa bowler celebrated with his distinctive style - running around wildly from one end to another. The social media users had their take on it.

While some people compare him with Usain Bolt, others suggest not to book a flight ticket for Tahir and let him get a wicket at the last moment of the game so that he could himself travel to the next venue by running.

Here are a few such hilarious memes made on Tahir's running that will surely leave you in splits.

Imran Tahir spotted in Pakistan eh?

Does industry have any better actor than him? Nahhh

The one who runs faster than Usain Bolt

Playing with fans emotions be like

So confident about his third extinct, wow!

This is not the first time fielders overreact, so yeah