Blog: Get over 'log kya kahenge' and seek professional counseling

If you or anyone you know is suffering from a mental illness, please help them seek counseling, writes Manal Afzal

Manal Afzal
Many people in our society are scared of what people around them might say, so they refuse to seek professional help.—File photo

In today’s world of technological advancement and modernisation there is another thing that is very prominent - psychological disorders.

Many people, especially young adolescents, go through several disorders that affect them both mentally and physically. At times, the mental burden is tremendous. Unfortunately, in our society, many teenagers are raised with the mindset that they must remain strong and not show any signs of weakness. Others are scared of what people around them might say, so they refuse to seek professional help. They further avoid confiding in their parents and friends. In time, the disorder begins to debilitate them physically as well.

Victims, in such cases, become isolated and distant from the people around them. Overtime, they lose their friends and are unable to form any new relationships.

Unresolved problems can, in some cases, lead to self-harm or even suicide.

There are a variety of treatments at hand to help people victimized by their disorders and to help them live out normal lives. One might resort to psychotherapy provided by a trained mental health practitioner, which involves an exploration of thoughts, feelings and behaviors, with the aim of improving an individual’s well-being.

A support group can also be useful. People who suffer similar problems guide each other towards the shared aim of recovery. In addition, if you pair psychotherapy with proper medication, it will become the most effect way to promote recovery. However, in some cases, hospitalisation may be necessary.

It is essential for a person to seek out help in time, before it is too late. And if one person publicly seeks help, it will help others to do so as well and the stigma attached to counseling can be removed. In addition, people who have sought out help in the past can help people suffering from issues they might have once faced, to prevent those people from going through the same hardships.

If you yourself, or anyone you know, is suffering from a mental illness, please help him/her seek treatment. Your health and that of your loved ones is more important than “log kya khaenge?” (What will people say?)