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Monday Sep 09 2019
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Indian forces warn Kashmiris to stay indoors as Ashura approaches

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Indian authorities have warned people in Indian-occupied Kashmir to stay indoors as the first ten days of the holy month of Muharram come to a close in the occupied valley. 

Despite the warning, reports indicate that Kashmiris are taking part in Muharram processions at great risk to their lives. Roads and other thoroughfares in occupied Kashmir have been sealed by security forces. 

Last week, Indian security forces had baton-charged a Muharram procession in Indian occupied Kashmir as the draconian military curfew in the valley entered its second month. 

According to reports, several people were injured as the Indian forces also shelled the Muharram procession. Meanwhile, protests and demonstrations against the India occupation of the valley continued. 

On Sunday, Pakistan has categorically rejected Indian attempts seeking to portray a totally false impression of normalcy in Indian occupied Kashmir.

The valley, which has been under a curfew since August 5, remains cut off from the rest of the world due to the continued blockade and suspension of internet, mobile and landline phones and closure of TV channels.

A humanitarian crisis has been looming in the valley as people face acute shortage of food, medicines and other commodities. Patients are even being denied life-saving medical care, suggest reports.

The near-total communications blackout has triggered global concern, with a group of UN human rights experts warning it amounted to "collective punishment" and risked exacerbating regional tensions.

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