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Tuesday Dec 03 2019
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Johnny Depp was threatened to be shot by Amber Heard’s father, reveals insider

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's fallout appears to be turning violent as the latest intel is leaving fans deeply concerned.

As per the latest development in the case, The Blast has revealed that Johnny was given death threats by Amber's father David Heard, as claimed by David Killackey who worked on the former couple’s classic cars.

The insider cites that Amber had become abusive towards the Pirates of the Caribbean star while her father made death threats to him over a phone call.

Killackey had also filed a declaration for the ongoing defamation suit between the two stars where he is documented to have stated: "The reply I received what can only be described as an extremely hostile response from Amber. I did my best to convey to her that I did not wish to get in the middle of the dispute between her and Mr. Depp."

"She did not receive this information very well. Her first reaction was to verbally abuse me with expletives, threats and a continued rant over what she claimed was an unfortunate financial downturn of her personal finances caused by Mr. Depp. At one point she said 'you [expletive] you're [expletive] me'," he added.

He went on to further detail the threats that were hurled towards Johnny as he said: "During the attempt to facilitate the repairs, modifications, and additions to the Mustang. I received many text messages and phone calls from Amber's father, Mr. David Heard. After the separation of Amber and Mr. Depp, Mr. Heard became very bitter towards Mr. Depp."

"'That [expletive] piece of [expletive] is [expletive] me too because I'm supposed to get 10 percent of the money and without it I can't produce the movie I was gonna make. He is ruining my baby girl's career and blackballing her in Hollywood'," Killackey claims to have heard Amber's father say.

It was revealed further that David Heard had also stated that he hails from Texas and carries 45's with Johnny "meeting the end of mine."