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Tuesday Dec 03 2019

Ex-cricketers who failed in Australia slam current cricketers who failed in Australia

Following Pakistan’s muted performance in Australia, the former players, the ‘pundits’, the TV presenters and the whatnots have all found their voice. As it happens after every cricketing disaster, critics are popping up from everywhere.

Suddenly, everyone seems to know what the team did wrong, which mostly ranges from obvious to the very obvious.

Who is saying what, and where had the critics themselves stood in Australia in their careers … let’s find out.

Moin Khan

“Almost all our batsmen threw their wickets by playing unnecessary shots. Australia tackled our bowlers very well. They did not give our bowlers and fielders any chance. This was a very substandard performance in every way.”

Batting average in Tests played in Australia: 18 (10.55 less than career average)

Ramiz Raja

“Pakistan did not battle with the new ball well. Azhar Ali’s form has not been good and if the captain is not performing then how would you guide and inspire your players? Pakistan will have to reconsider if Azhar Ali is an option for the long haul because his form over the last six-seven matches has not been good.

“We need gutsy players and tall fast bowlers who can stay fit. Their cricket should be smart. We have copped a lot of punishment here. We have played weird shots, gone for weird bowling tactics and team selection — everything went wrong.”

Batting average in Tests played in Australia: 21.22 (10.61 less than career average)

Sikandar Bakht

"Our weakest point is our bowling. We could not even take five wickets. Batting will get fixed at home but bowling is the real problem. Our batsmen all got out in similar fashion, edging in slips."

Bowling average in Tests played in Australia: 51.33 (15.33 more than career average)

Shoaib Akhtar

"Clueless how to take wickets on these tracks. Waiting for Australia to declare or just gift the wickets. Asay nahi hota bhai!! (It is not done this way)."

Bowling average in Tests played in Australia: 43.52 (17.83 more than career average)

Rashid Latif

"The batsmen do not know how to play the new ball. In our era, players like Saeed Anwar, Aamir Sohail, Ijaz Ahmed and Inzamam-ul-Haq also used to fail at times but once they stayed, they would score a 100."

Batting average in Tests played in Australia: 2 (not a typo and that's 26.77 less than career average)