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Monday Dec 09 2019

PCB chief Wasim Khan defends his role in cricket body

Pakistan Cricket Board’s Chief Executive Wasim Khan. Photo: AFP

The Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) chief executive, Wasim Khan, said Monday it should not be assumed that he had absolute power to make decisions due to serving the board for an extended period of time, noting that a lot of changes were being made to improve the Pakistan cricket.

Wasim clarified the PCB's power dynamics and said neither he nor Misbah-ul-Haq, the chief selector and head coach, had complete authority since all decisions were made based unanimously. That consensus, he added, included PCB Chairperson Ehsan Mani and other members of the selection committee.

“If I make wrong decisions, there are other people who are equally involved in it. It is assumed that Misbah, too, holds a lot of power but that is not the case. He has six selectors as well as coordinator, Nadeem Khan, with him [to make decisions]. We all make decisions for the betterment of the sport,” he said.

Wasim added that just because he has been part of the PCB for a longer time, it did not infer that he had all the control.

“The fact that I have worked for 25 to 30 years does not mean that I hold all the power and is not a measure of someone's capability,” he said.

The PCB chief added: “For the committee to be autonomous, the chairperson needs to be independent as well as be a former cricketer."

Wasim said the changes in domestic structure to further improve the standard of cricket in Pakistan would be made after the first season concludes.

“The first season will be ending soon. It will be analysed properly so that improvements can be made,” he said.

He also emphasised that the results took time so “we cannot expect change immediately.

"It will take at least three years before the results can be gauged,” he added.

Wasim also talked about the promise of Pakistan's future endeavours and said that his efforts have not gone in vain. "There are day and night Test matches happening all over the world, which is a good trend and a good source of entertainment," said the former head of the cricket committee.

“The PCB has also decided to include day and night matches for the home series'. In this regard, the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) have been offered to play the day and night Tests in Pakistan and we hope that they accept the offer so that Pakistan can play its first day and night in January in Karachi.

"People have also been talking about my tours. I did not go to Australia for vacation. Tours are necessary so that Pakistan cricket can benefit.

"Australia have agreed to play three, instead of two, Test matches in Pakistan in 2022. In addition, they will also play three Tests, three ODIs , and three T20 matches between 2023 to 2031. Pakistan don't get to play a lot of Test matches which is unfair."

Wasim added that the talks also included an agreement by the New South Wales, who have offered a scholarship program for the young talent.

“Pakistan’s A team will tour Australia and I hope that there’s at least one tour to England, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand every year.”