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Friday Feb 14 2020

Lahore police fail to make progress in alleged kidnapping case of SSP Mufakhar, ex-assistant AG

SSP Mufakhar Adeel. Photo: File

LAHORE: Police are yet to make any progress in the alleged kidnapping case of Senior Superintendent of Police Mufakhar Adeel and his friend ex-assistant attorney general Shahbaz Tatla.

Adeel, who is Battalion Commander-I at the Punjab Constabulary in Lahore, and his friend, Tatla, were reportedly kidnapped under mysterious circumstances last week.

According to police sources, police have taken statement of SSP Adeel’s wife and several other people in the case.

The SSP used Facebook through an account registered with a UK number, police sources informed, adding that police have also obtained footage and contact numbers related to the police official’s suspicious activities.

According to The News, police are yet to track down SSP Mufakhar Adeel and his friend, and the scope of the investigation has been expanded.

Police have also took a person into custody, who had received last message from the SSP, telling that he was neither kidnapped nor was missing, rather was on a special mission.

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Senior police officers visited the rented house 129/M in Faisal Town and collected forensic evidence. Police recorded statements of five persons including three women. The house owner Aftab said he had rented out his house for Rs75,000 per month.

Meanwhile, his official jeep was recovered from near Emporium Mall. Sources said he had left his house alone on the night of 9th. His cell-phone was switched off in G-3 Johar Town. 

Police have also been monitoring CCTV footage of Safe City to check his movement.