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Monday Feb 24 2020

'One Pound Fish Man' reportedly wounded during wedding scuffle in Kasur

YouTube/THE ORIGINAL... One 1 Pound Fish/Screenshot via

KASUR: The "One Pound Fish Man," along with more than 15 others, were injured after a scuffle broke out late Sunday during a wedding here in the city's Pattoki area, police confirmed.

Shahid Nazir, who found Internet fame as the "One Pound Fish Man" more than six years ago, reportedly found himself in the middle of a petty spat between locals and wedding-goers that later turned the marriage hall into a battleground, authorities said.

Soon afterwards, police added, people also brought out sticks to the brawl.

The trader and singer-songwriter — who was deported from the United Kingdom shortly after his hit single was ranked at 29 in the Official UK Singles Chart — alleged that the wedding-goers started beating his son up when his motorcycle hit one of the guests' cars.

When Nazir went to the marriage hall, people there also allegedly assaulted him, he added.

Police, on the other hand, said they had shifted the wounded people to the hospital and initiated legal action over the matter.

Nazir had once appeared on The X Factor, which paved way for his record deal with Warner Music.