Social media showers praise on Hindu man taking down saffron flag from Delhi mosque

Flag had been placed on the mosque by anti-Muslim mob in deadly Delhi riots before the conscientious citizen took it down

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Photo: Screengrab from video on Twitter

Social media on Monday showered praise on a Hindu man after he took down a saffron flag that had been planted on top of a mosque minaret in New Delhi last week. 

In the video, shared on Twitter by Arab academic and author Khaled Beydoun, the man, who was identified as a Hindu, can be seen climbing on top of the minaret and removing the saffron flag from atop it. 

The flag had been placed there by anti-Muslim rioters last week. 

An anti-Muslim pogrom in which at least 42 people were killed and hundreds more injured marked the worst communal violence in Delhi in decades.

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"This is a young man, our Hindu brother, who is a very nice man, taking down the flag placed on top of the mosque. This is a very good thing. The atmosphere here, when we came here, is peaceful. The neighbours have welcomed the Muslims," a man can be heard saying in the video. 

"Today, the flag that was placed on the mosque that day is being taken down," the narrator adds, before asking for the name of the young Hindu man, who identifies himself as Ravi. 

"Ravi is spreading the message of love and peace," the man notes. 

"All the young men here have urged the Muslim community that left the area during the riots to return to their homes. They have pledged to live with them in peace with love like they have been living for so many years before the riots," the man further says. 

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Last week, many mosques in New Delhi were set on fire by Hindu mobs chanting religious slogans. 

In one video, a mob paraded around the burning mosque in the Ashok Nagar area of the Indian capital on Tuesday. 

Video footage shared on social media had showed a mob planting a similar saffron flag on the mosque. 

The violence in New Delhi was triggered amidst protest demonstrations against the controversial Indian citizenship law introduced recently by the Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi regime.