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Saturday Mar 14 2020
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Meghan Markle dubbed the infamous 'driving force' behind royal exit

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Meghan Markle dubbed the infamous 'driving force' behind royal exit. Photo: Ham & High and Elle

With the royal exit inching closer day by day, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem to be looking towards brighter horizons.

However, it seems royal insiders are still brewing over the issue, and in an attempt to wrap their head around the situation they have dubbed Meghan as the “driving force” behind it all.

Speaking to Express UK, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams stated, “Meghan is undoubtedly the main force behind the change which has led to Harry give up everything he has been brought up to value.”

Fitzwilliams believes the pair are “devoted to each other” and due to that, they won’t look back towards the life they are leaving behind and will instead look forward earning “megabucks" as according to an insider, "Meghan is keenly looking forward to the opportunity to return to the celebrity world.”

“She will welcome a return to the celebrity world she knows and loves and has friends like Oprah, the Clooney’s, Serena Williams and Jennifer Lopez who will help them achieve financial self-sufficiency and earn megabucks.”

The insider concluded by saying, “It is clear however, that at present they have no intention whatsoever of changing their mind, though the Queen has emphasised that they will be welcome back if they do."