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Monday Mar 16 2020
Web Desk

Coronavirus updates tracking website Worldometers hit by cyber attack

Web Desk

The Worldometers website, which has been a primary source for internet users about the latest updates on the coronavirus, was hit by a cyber attack which resulted in it showing incorrect data about the current situation.

“We apologize for the temporary disservice that you may have experienced. For about 20 minutes, our site showed clearly incorrect data due to a malicious act,” the website clarified on Monday in a statement.

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“We have investigated the issue and we're now implementing protective measures to prevent this from happening again. The other day we got hit with a big DDoS attack. Now this. We'll continue with our daily efforts and we'll not give up,” the website's administrators said in a statement. 

After the attack, the worldometers site had showed that the number of confirmed cases in Pakistan had reached 169,942 with 18 deaths, which had triggered a panic among social media users.

According to official data, Pakistan has 94 confirmed cases so far in the country, with new cases being reported every day.