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Tuesday Apr 07 2020
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Government to announce Rs2.5bn Ramazan relief package

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ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to allocate Rs2.5bn for subsidies on 19 food items in Ramazan, said the Managing Director of the Utility Stores Cooperation on Tuesday.

Subsidies ranging from 5% to 25% will be allocated for 19 food items during Ramazan, he said.

Some of the food items that will be subsidised include gram flour, dates, pulses, ghee, tea, beverages, and other food items during the holy month.

He said that it was expected that various types of pulses will be subsidised by up to 19%. The Utility Stores MD said that the package will be approved by the Economic Coordination Council (ECC) and will most likely be announced on April 15.

Adding to the Rs2.5bn subsidy package, utility stories will contribute Rs5mn from their profits, he said.

Over the past couple of years in Ramazan, Pakistanis have been bearing the brunt of inflation and artificial price hikes by food sellers. Markets across the country sell fruits, vegetables, and other food items at inflated costs during the holy month, owing to their increased demand.

PM Imran has issued stern warnings in the recent past to hoarders and smugglers, saying that the state will take action against elements found involved in artificial price hikes.