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Thursday Apr 09 2020

In spite of snap checking, street crime in Karachi on the rise during virus lockdown

Police vehicles patrol on roads after the government of Sindh announced a two-week province-wide lockdown in Karachi, Pakistan, April 2, 2020. APP/Syed Abbas Mehdi/Files

KARACHI: The number of street crimes in Pakistan's southern port city have risen despite police and Rangers setting up checkpoints for snap-checking amid the coronavirus lockdown in Sindh.

Dozens of Karachi citizens were mugged, losing their mobile phones, cars, and motorcycles since March 20. According to a police report comprising data from March 20 to April 7, at least 379 mobile phones and 31 bikes were snatched, while 1,049 robberies took place.

The 19-day period includes the 16-day lockdown as well.

During the lockdown period, three cars were stolen and 28 robberies occurred, according to official information. However, CCTV footage of dacoities at retail shops and stores in various markets have continued to surface.

On a positive note, bank robberies and other serious crimes amounted to zero.

Speaking to Geo News, Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon said the authorities were responding rapidly to all alerts and information pertaining to street crimes on their helpline 15.

He added that the CIA Police and Madadgar 15 teams were working round the clock. Citizens should cooperate with the police in order to curb street crime and promptly alert authorities of such incidents, he said.