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Wednesday Jun 24 2020

Health expert debunks myth of coronavirus losing potency

In this regard, Infectious disease expert Dr Faheem Younus says that the myth that coronavirus will become weak and will fade out with time is based on hope, not data. Photo: Geo.Tv/File

As the numbers of COVID-19 patients continue to rise exponentially around the world, health professionals and infectious disease experts have debunked the myths circulating on internet that the virus is islosing potency with time.

In this regard, Chief of Infectious Diseases, University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health Dr Faheem Younus said that the myth that contagious coronavirus will become weak and will fade out with time is based on hope, not data. Therefore, there is no credibility to the claim that "coronavirus will die out soon and on its own".

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Taking to Twitter, Younus said that abiding by the precautionary measures of wearing masks and regularly washing hands along with the the practice of Trace, Test and Quarantine (TTQ) strategy is our only way to battle out the contagion.

"COVID[-19] went from 1-500,000 global cases in 86 days. It’s now adding 500,000 new cases every 3-4 days!Hope is not a plan. Test/Trace/Isolate/Facemask/hand wash is," Younus wrote n Twitter.

A Geo News research report has found that the number of coronavirus patients in the country may reach four million in the next two months.

The rapid increase in the number of coronavirus patients has put a question mark over official data owing to lack of facilities to test all virus suspects, with medical experts warning that a surge in deaths and number of patients indicate the looming danger.

The Geo News research report is based on experts’ comments and analysis of data collected from four big cities of the country.

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Pakistan Medical Association’s Lahore chapter president Professor Ashraf Nizami has expressed concern over the upcoming situation, saying that the number of coronavirus patients may reach up to four million while the death toll may rise to 80,000.

Professor Saeed Khan of Dow University of Health Sciences also showed similar concerns and said the number of positive patients and deaths might multiply four to five times in the coming days.

Pakistan Medical Association’s Multan chapter president Dr Masood Hiraj said if the public did not follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs), the number of patients might jump to more than a million.