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Sunday Sep 20 2020
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Amal Clooney steps down as British envoy over passage of ‘lamentable’ Brexit bill

Web Desk
Amal Clooney stepped down from the position for which she was appointed last year in April 

Amal Clooney has resigned as the Special Envoy on Media Freedom to the British Foreign Secretary, expressing ‘dismay’ over the government’s inclination of “breaking international law” over Brexit.

The prominent human rights lawyer stepped down from the position for which she was appointed last year in April in order to curb the perils faced by journalists worldwide, reported BBC.

The resignation was in protest of the British government’s willingness shown of “breaking international law” if the circumstances require over Brexit agreements further breaking down.

Following the admission from British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Clooney wrote in her resignation, handed over to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, "In these circumstances I have been dismayed to learn that the government intends to pass legislation—the Internal Market Bill—which would, by the government’s own admission, 'break international law' if enacted."

"Although the government has suggested that the violation of international law would be 'specific and limited,' it is lamentable for the U.K. to be speaking of its intention to violate an international treaty signed by the Prime Minister less than a year ago,” added Clooney.

Moreover, she wrote how in spite of the matter being discussed with Raab, she "received no assurance that any change of position is imminent,” subsequent to which she had “no alternative” but to offer her resignation.

"I am disappointed to have to do so. However, very sadly, it has now become untenable for me, as Special Envoy, to urge other states to respect and enforce international obligations while the U.K. declares that it does not intend to do so itself,” she wrote.

“It threatens to embolden autocratic regimes that violate international law with devastating consequences all over the world,” she added.