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Tuesday Sep 22 2020
Web Desk

Jimmy Kimmel inflames the internet with 'tone-deaf' joke about ICE

Web Desk

Jimmy Kimmel has drawn flak from the internet after he was slammed over a tone-deaf joke. 

While hosting the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards on 2020 on Sunday, the talk show host quipped that he planned on sending British late night show host John Oliver to US Immigration and Customs Enforcements (ICE).

“Congratulations again to John Oliver, I will be reporting him to ICE,” joked Kimmel about Oliver’s Emmy win.

However, the joke did not sit well with social media users who were up in arms against the comedian for his insensitive joke that reeked of “white privilege.”

“My biggest fear as a kid was seeing my parents get deported by ICE. his joke was hurtful and tone deaf, @jimmykimmel,” commented one user.

Another added: “The amount of white privilege it took for jimmy kimmel to get up on stage at a nationally televised event and make a joke about ice and have no one tell him that that isn’t okay, is absolutely astonishing to me. What’s so funny about ice?”

One user reminded the internet about his past controversies as well: “So Jimmy Kimmel can do Black-face and still end up on the Emmy’s where he made an ICE deportation joke… and y’all say white privilege isn’t a thing.”