Which new updates did WhatsApp announce this week?

WhatsApp clarified to users it will not share location, contacts with Facebook, and will not read users' chats because they are end-to-end encrypted

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  • WhatsApp announced that people will still be able to safely chat while using the service even after accepting its new terms of service
  • Company said it will not share users' location and contacts with Facebook, and assured it will not read chats as they are end-to-end encrypted
  • WhatsApp introduced some new tones; removed some of its recently-introduced features, including "New Linked Device UI" and "Starred stickers"

This week, WhatsApp made several announcements related to its updated terms of services as well as some status announcements, attracting the interests of users from across the globe. 

'You can still safely chat on WhatsApp'

According to WABetainfo.com, WhatsApp responded to people's privacy concerns regarding its new terms of services and clarified that chats and calls made via the app will remain safe because "the changes introduced in the Terms of Service are about businesses and solution providers."

"Your WhatsApp experience won’t change and you can still safety chat with your friends and family," the Facebook-owned company said in an official statement. 

Per the publication, WhatsApp has also decided to officially postpone its new Terms of Service in a bid to limit misinformation. 

Keeping users informed through status updates

Per WABetainfo, WhatsApp has started sending out its own status updates to several users from India and Mexico so that it can keep users informed about its services and prevent misinformation.

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Image via Wabetainfo.com

In one of its status updates, the company wrote: "We are committed to your privacy," and "WhatsApp can't read or listen to your personal conversations as they're end-to-end decrypted."

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Image via Wabetainfo.com
Image via Wabetainfo.com
Image via Wabetainfo.com

The company also informed users that it would neither share users' contacts with Facebook nor their location.  

New features

In the recent beta versions, WhatsApp has launched some new tones which will be activated as soon as a user will accept, decline, or terminate a call. Per WABetainfo, the company also introduced the new tones in the latest WhatsApp for Android (web release).

On the other hand, the company has also removed some features that had been recently enabled, including the "New Linked Device UI," for which WhatsApp is restoring the old interface for iOS and Android. The company has not given any reasons for the sudden change of decision. 

WhatsApp has also removed the "Starred stickers" feature, which it had introduced in its 2.2100.4 update.

The company said both features will be enabled again in a future update.

WhatsApp also recently fixed a YouTube bug for iOS.  

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