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Sunday Jan 17 2021
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After WhatsApp controversy, are Signal’s chats not safe anymore?

Web Desk
Signal logo. — Wikipedia

Signal users around the world, with many of them new to the messaging platform since switching over from controversy-mired WhatsApp, have been looking for reassurance that their chat's security was not compromised since the service experienced an outage two days ago.

According to Signal, "users might see errors in some of their chats", but this "does not affect the chat's security".

It said a user may have, however, "missed a message from that contact".

"The next Signal app updates will fix this automatically," the platform assured its users.

Signal said that if an Android user sees a "bad encrypted message", they should "tap the menu in the top right and tap "reset secure session".

For iOS users, it recommended that they tap the "reset session" button below "received message was out of sync".

Signal experiences 'technical difficulties'

The platform reported it is experiencing "technical difficulties" on January 15. "We are working hard to restore service as quickly as possible," it said.

Signal thanked everyone for their support and donations as it worked hard to get the platform up and running.