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Friday Feb 12 2021
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'Fans are loving me more after PSL 2021 anthem': Naseebo Lal

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Pakistani singer Naseebo Lal can be seen in this screengrab captured from the Pakistan Super League (PSL)'s sixth edition anthem. Photo: YouTube.

  • Naseebo Lal says she is "overjoyed" to sing the new PSL 2021 anthem
  • Says she was surprised when she was offered to sing such a "grand" song
  • Says her fans are loving her more than ever before after listening to the song

Pakistani singer Naseebo Lal has said that she is "overjoyed" after being given the opportunity to sing the PSL anthem 2021 "Groove Mera."

Speaking to BBC Urdu, Naseebo Lal said that she is happy to sing for Pakistan at an international event, adding that she is overwhelmed at the responses she has received from her fans.

When asked about how she felt about the opportunity, Naseebo Lal said that she was "surprised to be offered to sing such a grand song."

"Some people used to think that Naseebo Lal could only sing certain types of songs but now [that I have proved myself] they have gone silent."

Recalling the experience of singing and filming the song, Naseebo said that she was nervous because it was something new.

"The composers were new to me and they all were educated people, so I was a bit confused," she told the outlet. "I was afraid to make a mistake."

Naseebo also spoke about her wardrobe and said that her entire get-up was changed to match the song.

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"I was not informed about the wardrobe or the makeup. I was surprised and I really liked how I looked. When I watched the song, it felt like it was an English song," she exclaimed. 

Shedding light on the feedback she has been receiving from her fans, Naseebo said that she has been "overjoyed," adding that she only sings for the love of people and would have quit if it wasn't for their love.

"Now that I sang such a good song, my fans are loving me more than before. They are praising me," Naseebo said, adding that she can also speak a few words of English.

She also praised her composer, Xulfi, and said that it was a challenge for her to pull off all the high notes in the song.

"If I cannot achieve a task, I feel angry with myself, so I was determined to sing the song to the best of my abilities [with high notes]," she concluded. 

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