Friday Feb 26 2021
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Pakistani man arrested for performing push-ups on a moving car's door

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  • Man who went viral for doing push-ups on a moving car, with one hand on the open driver's door and the other on the roof, has been arrested.
  • Group of men inside daredevil's car seen sitting on the car's windows to cheer him on for his reckless acts
  • Mardan Police share picture of the handcuffed taxi driver, saying he was detained for being negligent and careless

MARDAN: A Pakistani man who went viral for reportedly doing push-ups on a moving car here in the city's Par Hoti village has been arrested.

Mardan Police said Friday the daredevil was arrested after performing push-ups while driving a car, having his mindboggling stunts filmed, and uploading the video clips on social media.

Shared by Twitter user @sabeehfasihi, the video shows a group of men in a moving white Toyota Corolla, sitting on the car's windows and cheering on the driver as he does push-ups with one hand on the open driver's door and the other on the roof.

A traffic police warden arrested the negligent and careless "taxi driver" identified as Jawad Ahmed alias Ladoo Khan, authorities confirmed on Twitter, adding that a case was registered against the individual at the Par Hoti police station.

The swift action came under the orders of Mardan District Police Officer (DPO) Dr Zahidullah, who had directed the in-charge of the traffic warden police, Inspector Amjad Khan, to arrest the suspect.

"Police have also seized the car," Mardan Police added.

Police vow to deal with violators of traffic rules

Inspector Khan said on the occasion that no one was allowed to violate traffic rules and similar action would be taken against the violators.

Those who violate traffic rules would be dealt with an iron hand, a local media outlet quoted the in-charge of Mardan Traffic Police, Inspector Amjad Khan, as saying.

It remained unclear why the man was motivated to perform the push-ups on a moving car, if it was a dare or stunt, and whether the man was formally charged.