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Monday Mar 01 2021
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Telegram reveals 'unlimited preview power' for users through custom widgets

Web Desk
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Instant messaging service Telegram is the go-to app these days, especially after WhatsApp hinted at changing its data policy earlier this year, triggering a mass exodus of its loyal users to competitors.

With its newfound popularity, Telegram has been at the forefront of new options, unique features, and amazing social media presence, going as far as to use millennial Internet slang to attract more users.

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On Monday, the cross-platform, cloud-based app announced new Telegram Tips, allowing users to "add custom widgets to your home screen that show recent messages or shortcuts to chats".

In an update on Twitter, the app — which was developed by Russian programmers — said the new features gave users "unlimited preview power" by mixing and matching multiple styles.

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A day prior, Telegram had released an update that brings users an auto-delete timer, homescreen widgets, and unlimited group members in chats, among other exciting new features.

Prior to that, it made changing font sizes easier for its iOS users through the settings' sync option, saying users could now "scale the font size of messages to see your chats – even without your glasses".

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Interestingly, it has also hinted at "memes in 4k", saying the future is "looking bright", but did not provide any further details.

The app further said it was something to be seen without Twitter compression. "It's... certainly a thing," it said.


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