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Wednesday Mar 03 2021
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Meghan Markle's war against monarchy rages on as Palace bans interviews

Web Desk

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry were silenced into not partaking in Oprah Winfrey interview

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were dealt with a severe blow after their upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey sent alarms ringing all across Buckingham Palace.

According to the latest intel, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were silenced into not partaking in this particular interview, which has been in the pipeline since two years now, following a ban from the Palace.

As a result, Meghan and Harry were forbidden to not participate in the interview, originally set to be held with CBS host Gayle King, back in 2019.

A palace source added Meghan and Harry were left frustrated. They told the Daily Mail, "It was seen as a huge stride away from the usual methodology of Royal PR. It caused friction with the Sussexes, and a feeling that this was forbidden.

"That led to tension with courtiers as the pair wanted to tell their stories about philanthropic and personal matters. Certainly from their side there was an element of feeling handcuffed and not having full ownership of their image.

"This interview has been two years in the making with either Gayle or Oprah asking the questions. In reality it is the two of them prepping for the in-depth conversation,' the source said.