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Friday Mar 19 2021
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WhatsApp outage sparks flurry of memes on Twitter

Web Desk

The WhatsApp outage, reported in various parts of the world on Friday night, sparked a flurry of memes on Twitter.

'Meanwhile Twitter headquarter'

A user put up a popular meme of a celebration at a control room saying: "WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook servers down. Meanwhile, at Twitter headquarter"

'People going to Twitter after WhatsApp, Instagram down'

This meme is everyone rushing to other messaging apps.

Telegram owners

One user said Telegram owners must be like Mr Bean in the photo below after seeing WhatsApp and Instagram down.

'Twitter be like'

This user imagined all services down — WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook — having to answer to the new chief in town: Twitter.

People rushing to Twitter

This user visualised everyone rushing to Twitter to complain about WhatsApp going down like this.

Users turning phone off and on

This guy knew everyone must have tried the age-old trick of turning off the phone and turning it back on, before finding out what had happened.

WhatsApp vs Twitter Tom

WhatsApp employees on people messaging about outage on WhatsApp

Meanwhile Zuckerberg reading everyone's chats is like

Later, when the services resumed in some areas, memes began to look like this:

'I am not dead'

Running back to WhatsApp

"Had a good time with Twitter, will stay in touch."