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Thursday Apr 08 2021
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Prince William auditioned Kate before wedding to ensure she fits the role

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The British royal family has a number of practices and customs in place that are a bit too bizarre for us common folks. 

One expert and royal historian has brought to light how Kate Middleton was “auditioned” by Prince William prior to their marriage, to see if she fits the role of a senior royal.

In his appearance on ITV’s The Day Will and Kate Got Married, royal expert Robert Lacey explained how William judged his then future wife to see if she had what it takes to handle the royal pressure.

He said: “It's been said that William was auditioning Catherine for her future role. And I think there's a truth to that.”

“William is the future King of Britain and the Commonwealth and, like it or not, part of his job was to choose a consort who would do the job well,” he said.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who have been together since nearly two decades now, will mark their tenth anniversary this month.