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Sunday Apr 11 2021
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Chinese rapper Vava pays tribute to Nicki Minaj

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American rapper Nicki Minaj has some very big fans abroad and among them is Vaa - one of China’s biggest rappers.

Vava paid tribute to Nicki Minaj as she appeared on stage with a black face. It was China’s one of the major TV stations where the actress performed with darkened makeup to act as Nicki Minaj, along with two others cosplaying as Ariana Grande and Jessie J.

The Chinese rapper along with her two fellows tried to recreate the 2014 AMA performance of “Bang Bang.”

Vava triggered excitement among her fans by posting an image advertising regarding her appearance on social media. Most commenters came up with remarks regarding their excitement for the upcoming event.

”Wait until this gets to Twitter,” a commenter said on China’s Twitter equivalent Weibo. And, the clip of Vava performing in the show has made it to the microblogging website.

Vava also raised a voice for the Black Lives Matter movement. “The Black Lives Matter movement has impacted and touched all cultures, everyone around the world,” said said.

“It’s a wake-up call. It’s up to each of us to eliminate the prejudice and discrimination between each other. We have to be more compassionate toward each other and fill the world with love.”