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Friday Jun 18 2021
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Billie Eilish touches on ‘how little’ fans know about her: ‘It’s just so hard’

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Billie Eilish touches on ‘how little’ fans know about her: ‘It’s just hard'

Billie Eilish recently sat down for a chat and got candid about how little her fan base truly knows about her true personality.

The singer wore her heart on her sleeve and detailed her feelings during her early rise to fame with Rolling Stone.

There she began by admitting, "I was a kid and I wanted to do kid [expletive]. I didn't want to be not able to [expletive] go to a store or the mall. I was very angry and not grateful about it.”

The singer later emphasized upon how little her fans truly know about her as a person and added, "Anytime I see an impression on the internet, it just reminds me how little the internet knows about me. Like, I really don't share [expletive]. I have such a loud personality that makes people feel like they know everything about me and they literally don't at all.”

But on rare occasions Eilish does disclose her true thoughts, they get immortalized in public records.

“I wish that I could tell the fans everything I think and feel and it wouldn't live on the internet forever. And be spoken about and called problematic, or called whatever the [expletive] anybody wants to call any thoughts that a human has.”

“The other sad thing is that they don't actually know me. And I don't really know them, but obviously we're connected. The problem is you feel like you know somebody, but you don't. And then it's like, yeah. It's just a lot.”