Friday Jul 02 2021
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Pakistanis are sharing stories of 'cake fails' on Facebook and they're hilarious

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It takes a special sense of humour to look on the sunny side of a 'Bright to be' cake — and it seems Pakistanis have that sense of humour in abundance. 

This week, some people on Facebook group 'Dine and Share' decided to have a good laugh with pictures of cakes featuring some decidedly strange greetings and instructions taken too literally. 

Some of these were downright hilarious. Check them out: 

It all started with a post from Facebook user Ajmir, who shared this instance of instructions being taken a little too literally by their bakery. 

The post kicked off a stream of witty responses and similar stories, with  most users looking at the bright side of the innocent goof-up: 

Zahra pointed out that the funny incident had made the OP's loved one's birthday a memorable one, and that they should "enjoy this mistake". 

Another user, Alina, had this tongue-in-cheek wish for Maazi: 

Faryal made a good point about the 'unique' cake: 

Meanwhile, Annie recalled this funny anecdote about 'Motar's Day': 

Another user, Shehroz, recalled a similarly hilarious greeting fail: 

But it seems birthdays are not the only events that have been 'improved' by these cake fails. Weddings, too, have not been spared the hilarious fail or two.

User Syeda Batool had a vivid flashback to her bridal shower, a memory that is likely to remain with her for a very long time.  

Apparently, the bright-bride mix-up has happened quite frequently. 

Another user, Sana, faced a similar goof-up: 

Some people humorously pointed that the 'Bright to be' message could just be a good omen about the days to come. 

Others just saw the positive side of it. 

It also seems that brides aren't the only ones let down by distracted bakers. Even groom cakes haven't been spared, with this bakery's interpretation of a simple enough 'Groom to be' message leaving us scratching our heads: 

All in good fun! Thanks to these bakeries for brightening up our day!