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Friday Jul 30 2021
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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle planned US move ‘for years’: report

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly started their move to the US from the very beginning.

The claim has been brought forward by a family insider and according to the Daily Star they were quoted saying, “Meghan should have known what it was like marrying into the royal family.”

“I don't know if this was all part of the bigger plan of things they talked about between them, but for Meghan to cause all the big waves in the royal family just to go back to a Hollywood career and break hundreds of years of traditions is unprecedented.”

The insider also pointed out that Prince Harry was always in on the US plan and worked alongside his wife Meghan Markle to make it a reality.

They admitted, “I don't feel for Harry. I think he's a part of it, too. They have to know what they're doing.”

“Meghan's comments about suicide and mental health issues do not relate to the ordinary people who have those struggles. People are out here starving, some people have just lost everything they've worked so hard for in life because of COVID-19.”

The source concluded by saying, “Don't tell me you're supposed to sympathize with the ones who really have issues when you have multi-million dollar problems. It's laughable.”