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Saturday Jul 31 2021
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Prince Harry ‘put the breaks’ on Meghan Markle’s ‘crass’ comments against Queen

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Prince Harry reportedly put the breaks on Meghan Markle’s public rant against the Queen during the couple’s interview with Oprah.

The claim has been brought forward by Dr. Edward Owens, a former lecturer at the University of Lincoln.

During his interview with Express, he was quoted saying, “In the Oprah interview you could see he was putting on the brakes as to what Meghan was saying.”

“He was trying to be trying to be a bit more discreet and you could see he was far less comfortable with the whole experience.”

“I think Harry still has a deep loyalty to the monarchy as an institution - I don’t think he wants to see the monarchy overhauled.”

Mr. Owens also went on to add, “I still think he very much supports the idea that his brother and his father will succeed to the throne.”

“I don’t think we’re going to get anything where he attacks his brother or his father very directly to the extent that it means the future kings suddenly lose a great deal of their popularity.”