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Wednesday Aug 11 2021
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Millionaire pigeons: Property worth crores of rupees named after birds

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Photo: File
Photo: File

Stories of several millionaires living in the Indian state of Rajasthan are popular across the country, however, little is known about a town where even pigeons are millionaires. 

According to a report by, pigeons living in Jasnagar, Nagaur, are known as "multimillionaire pigeons" because property worth crores of rupees have been named after them. 

Per the piece, the properties include several acres of land, cash deposits, and several shops.

Details show that there are 27 shops named after pigeons in the town. Aside from that, cash deposits with Rs3 million, and 126 bigha land 'belong' to pigeons.

Shedding light on some history, Prabhusingh Rajpurohit, a resident, told the publication that 40 years ago, a new company called the "Kabutaran Trust" was established in the city, inspired by ancestral traditions of feeding mute birds.

"Industrialist Sajjanraj Jain was the pioneer in the project," he added. Since then, people have open-heartedly donated to the trust. 

"Now, a gaushala (Indian shelter for homeless or unwanted cattle) is being run on this land owned by pigeons in which 500 cows stay. All medical arrangements have been made for these bovines here," he said.

He said that around 27 shops were built in the town via the trust protect the birds and feed them.

"The shops are earning a rent of Rs 80,000 per month. Also, the land is being rented and hence it also gives a regular income to the trust. All this income is being deposited in the bank which over the years has increased to Rs 30 lakh," he said.

"Now with this earning, the trust is giving three sacks of food grains daily for the last 30 years. Arrangements are also made for around 400 cows staying in gaushala when required."