Friday, August 27, 2021

No justice for Nazima, who was brutally killed by her husband

On the afternoon of Aoril 26, Nazima Bibi was found with her throat slit and several torture marks on her body

A representational image. Photo: File
A representational image. Photo: File

On the afternoon of April 26, Nazima Bibi, the mother of two, was found murdered in her home in Hazara Colony, Rawalpindi. She was killed, the police believe, by her husband and his family.

Bibi, 28, was found with her throat slit and several torture marks on her body.

When the police began probing the crime, her husband, Adil Khan, filed a police complaint and instead blamed his younger brother for killing his wife.

Khan clamied that his younger brother was mentally unstable, adding that on the day of the murder Nazima and his younger brother had fought.

However, evidence showed otherwise.

Firstly, the family members and the husband had no alibi for where they were at the time of the crime. Secondly, the house of the in-laws had traces of crimes all over the house.

There was enough evidence, one would think, for the police to arrest Nazima’s husband and his family. But sadly that is not the case.

It has been four month since the murder and no one is behind bars. In fact a session court has granted bail before arrest to Adil Khan and his father.

Now, both men are on the run, and cannot be located.

When’s correspondents visited the house, it was locked. Also, the man who reported the murder in the first place, the president of the Union Council, is also not responding to phone calls by reporters.

Nazima is no longer with us, she succumbed to her injuries and left this world. But her two young children, Ahmed and Abdulllah, are still looking for justice.

What will the state do for them and all the other women who are killed by the men they trusted?