Wednesday Jan 12 2022
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Indian man 'cheats' vaccine system by getting 12 jabs

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Representational image. — Reuters/File
Representational image. — Reuters/File

  • Brahmadev Mandal gets 12 vaccination jabs and relieves knee pain.
  • Police have charged him with disobedience and cheating.
  • According to doctors, Mandal's belief is probably just a “psychological impact.”
  • Doctor says overdose of vaccine could result in death.

NEW DELHI: An 84-year-old retired clerk,  who is a citizen of eastern Bihar state of India, last year in February got his first coronavirus vaccine dose. According to him, he felt a “great improvement” in a knee pain that had bothered him for years, Arab News reported.

Per the report, Brahmadev Mandal's cane became useless as he could walk easily after getting the second dose, and that's when he decided to get vaccinated every month.

He has noted down the list of at least 10 jabs in a diary and has been charged by police for abusing the vaccination system.

Last September, the father of six and grandfather of ten got jabbed twice in the span of ten days, he entered the details in his diary.

"For me, the vaccine was some kind of treatment and way to achieve better health," Mandal told Arab News on Sunday.

"I know a case has been registered against me, but I will seek judicial redressal," he said.

Mandal is determined to get the 13th jab "if the opportunity comes."

The police charges against Mandal fall under sections 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant), 419 (cheating by personation), and 420 (cheating) of the Indian Penal Code, all non-bailable offences.

His wife, Nirmala Devi, told Arab News that officers broke the lock of the couple's bedroom and called the incident “harassment.”

 She said: "I don't understand what is the crime of my husband.” 

She informed the publication that Mandal had tried all kinds of treatments for his back and knee aches but didn't achieve success.

“But he started seeing a difference in his pain after he got the vaccination and that's why he got used to taking jabs at regular intervals,” Devi said.

"How can you trust a man who has taken 12 vaccines by producing different documents? He is a fraud," Deepak Dharamdas, the Station House Officer at the Aurai police station said.

According to the police, Mandal has "exploited loopholes" in the vaccine registration system. 

"Psychological impact”

"The man is lucky that he does not have any side effects," Dr Ashim Gupta said, listing pneumonia, kidney problems and heart problems as some possible complications. 

“It’s a matter for research. I want to examine Mandal.”

He added that Mandal’s belief that the vaccine jabs had cured his knee was probably just a “psychological impact.”

"There are chances of sudden death also if you take an overdose of vaccines,” Dr Gupta warned.