Friday Jan 14 2022

Local court cancels interim bail of five suspects in Nazim Jokhio murder case

  • The court cancels the bail of five suspects.
  • Judge says “there is no other justification for killing a common man."
  • All the suspects escaped from the court after hearing the verdict.

A local court in Karachi cancelled the interim bail of five suspects in the Nazim Jokhio murder case, Geo News reported Thursday.

The judge of Additional District and Sessions court, Malir, issued a written verdict cancelling the interim bail of five suspects.

According to the written verdict, the judge remarked that the actions and evidence against the accused suggest that Jokhio was killed to create fear in society and community so that no one would dare interfere in matters of influential people again.

“There is no other justification for killing a common man; this act is nothing but a way to spread terrorism,” the judge said.

The court said the evidence showed that the incident took place at the farmhouse of PPP MNA Jam Abdul Karim and his brother, reflecting the feudal mentality of enslaving others.

According to the court, Jokhio had documented houbara bustard hunting and uploaded it to the internet. Upon his resistance to taking the video down, he was brought to Jam House and was tortured which led to his death. However, he neither succumb to their demand nor apologised.

The court said that the issue is related to terrorism, therefore, the relevant court should be approached; however, the case of pre-bail of the suspects was dismissed.

The court cancelled the bail of five suspects, who were released on interim bail; however, all the suspects easily escaped from the court premises after hearing the verdict.