Monday Apr 04 2022
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Watch: Notorious for hate speech, Indian priest urges Hindus to take up arms against Muslims

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The head priest of Dasna Devi temple Yati Narsinghanand. — Zee News
The head priest of Dasna Devi temple Yati Narsinghanand. — Zee News

  • Head priest of Dasna Devi temple says 50% Hindus will convert to Islam with a Muslim Prime Minister in India.
  • He encourages Hindus to take up arms to fight for themselves.
  • He is on bail for his Haridwar hate speech case.

Yati Narsinghanand, the head priest of the Dasna Devi temple, said that 50% of Hindus would convert to Islam if a Muslim were to become the Prime Minister of India, Zee News reported.

In a recent 'Hindu Mahapanchayat' attended by many Hindu supremacists, he also encouraged Hindus to hold arms to fight for themselves.

"If you want to change the future, become a man, man is the one who has arms in hand," Yati is heard saying in the video.

The priest warned the Hindu listeners against Muslim leadership in India in the future saying that Muslims in India had not come from "Arab" but from among them.

Journalist Mahmodul Hassan published a part of Narsinghanand's speech on Twitter.

The police said that the Delhi administration had not granted permission for the event.

Narsinghanand is notorious for making controversial and extremist comments against Muslims.

He was taken into custody earlier in the Haridwar hate speech case for which he got released on bail.

The group that organised this Mahapanchayat, Save India Foundation, has previously orchestrated events such as Jantar Mantar where anti-Muslim slogans were raised.

Preet Singh of Save India Foundation was even arrested by Delhi Police for hate speech.