Tuesday Apr 05 2022
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Azaan disturbs students, claims Indian minister

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KS Eshwarappa speaks to the press. NDTV
KS Eshwarappa speaks to the press. NDTV

  • Karnataka Minister KS Eshwarappa says Azaan disturbs students, patients, and elderly.
  • His comment has sparked controversy.
  • BJP-ruled Karnataka is increasingly becoming part of news due to its right-wing religious activism.

In a recent debate over Islamic prayers and religious practices, Karnataka's Minister KS Eshwarappa labelled the Muslim call to prayer, Azaan, as a source of disturbance for students, patients, and the elderly, NDTV reported.

Previously, hijab, halal meat, and Muslim traders have been considered a problem for the country by ruling BJP.

"This is my view on banning loudspeakers. This isn't a competition between Muslims calling for prayers through loudspeakers and Hindus chanting Hanuman Chalisa. And because of the Azaan, it is an issue for students, patients and the elderly," Mr Eshwarappa told reporters in Karwar.

He said that he had been hearing that Azaan via loudspeakers disturbed students and that could be harmful for "children's studies".

The Panchayat Raj Minister's comment sparked a controversy as the opposition reacted to it. 

"Let all BJP and Bajrang Dal workers stop using petrol and diesel since it is imported from Islamic countries," responded Congress leader Priyank Kharge.

He also said that Pollution Control Board and Supreme Court can take care of loudspeakers from temples, mosques, and churches.

BJP-ruled Karnataka is increasingly becoming a part of news with its right-wing religious activism which the opposition believes has specifically targetted Muslims.