Wednesday Apr 13 2022
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Celestial dance: Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Saturn align

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Aprils sky brings dance of four bright planets. — Stellarium
April's sky brings dance of four bright planets. — Stellarium

Second half of April is going to be a month of a rare celestial setup where four planets — Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter — will form a quartet, visible to stargazers everywhere, Space reported.

Mars and Venus have been a part of cosmic dance but two more planets are joining them this time.

By the end of the month, a rare planetary alignment will take place which was previously observed in 2020. During that grand conjunction Jupiter and Saturn were visible to the naked eye.

This alignment does not necessarily mean that the planets themselves are in the same line. It is the result of our orientation and view

Jupiter is expected to rise before dawn by April 14 resulting in the quartet mentioned before. The planets will make a line across the morning sky. By the end of the month, Jupiter will rise high enough to be observable an hour before sunrise.

According to Jet propulsion Laboratory, on April 30 Venus and Jupiter will have a close conjunction and be the brightest planets in the sky.