$8,000 goes missing from bag of passenger en route US from Karachi

Passenger asks for investigation, says he checked his bag at Doha airport stopover

Afzal Nadeem Dogar
A picture of the passengers passport and boarding pass.— Geo News
A picture of the passenger's passport and boarding pass.— Geo News

A US citizen of Pakistani origin lost $8,000 in cash en route the US from Karachi's Jinnah International Airport, Geo News reported, citing Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sources.

According to the FIA sources, the money went missing from the Imtiaz Rafiq's backpack while travelling to Houston from Karachi via Doha.

After reaching the Doha airport, Rafiq said he checked his bag and realised the cash was gone. He has registered a complaint and asked for an investigation into the incident.

According to the passenger, he had removed his backpack from his shoulders twice at the Karachi airport for search purposes. But he doubts the dollars were stolen at Karachi airport and believes it likely happened during the flight from Karachi to Doha.