Tuesday May 17 2022
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Netflix 'dreaming' Meghan Markle will show royal world like 'never before' at Jubilee

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are asked to break into Queen protection to get exclusive footage of the Platinum Jubilee.

Royal expert Russel Myers says that Netflix is adamant about wanting juicy content from the summer celebrations and as per the multimillion deal, the Sussexes are bound to provide the 'unique material.'

A US consultant for Netflix said: “The Jubilee is the biggest gathering of UK royals in years and means that Harry and Meghan will be around everyone.

“Away from the public presentation of unity between the brands, the chiefs want exclusive footage and their dream is to have insights in that royal world never seen before.”

Daily Mirror’s royal editor Mr Myers believes 96-year-old monarch has a 'ring of steel' around her in the shape of advisors, that would advice the 'boss' to stay away from the cameras.

“It’s still a sad state of affairs, I do desperately feel for the Queen having to make these sort of decisions at 96 years of age, having given her life to the country, the Commonwealth, indeed the world, and her whole family is imploding around her,” he suggested.

“There is an absolute ring of steel around the Queen in terms of her advisors. They certainly would be advising Harry and Meghan to not even think about it for a second,” he claimed.