Wednesday May 18 2022

Police detain contractor accused by PTI for 'bad lighting' in Kohat jalsa

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses rally in Kohat. — Instagram/@ptiofficial
PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses rally in Kohat. — Instagram/@ptiofficial

  • Police detain contractor due to poor lighting arrangements in Imran Khan's Kohat jalsa
  • Contractor says police detained him after PTI leader Shehryar Afridi filed a complaint against him. 
  • Earlier, Imran Khan publicly slammed Afridi for inadequate lighting arrangements.

KOHAT: The police Wednesday detained a contractor for his alleged poor lighting arrangements in PTI Chairman Imran Khan's jalsa in Kohat. 

The contractor named Sheikh Anwar said that the police have kept him in the Jangal Khel Police Station for the last 24 hours. He said that the police detained him upon the complaint by Chairperson of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Khan Afridi. 

The contractor said that all the arrangements including the lighting were completed but the electricity poles fell due to a storm. He said that Afridi also owes him Rs3.5 million.

Earlier, former prime minister Khan publicly slammed Afridi for inadequate lighting arrangements at the venue for Monday's Kohat jalsa.

Imran addressed a rally at a stadium in Kohat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, under his campaign for early elections. While lauding people for gathering in massive numbers for the rally, the former prime minister said that the only thing he is sad about is that he cannot see the entire crowd.

"Such a big stadium that is packed [with people], half of it cannot be seen because there is no lighting. Shehryar Afridi's arrangements were so weak [...]," Khan said.

He then told Afridi to give the task of making arrangements for lighting to someone else next time. However, he later congratulated Ziaullah Bangash and Afridi for organising a successful rally.

Imran Khan seems to have great value for good lighting as he disapproved of the lighting arrangements during an interview with film actor Shan Shahid.

"Lighting is everything," he said while mocking "terrible" lighting in the interview.