Tuesday May 24 2022
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O and A Level exams in Islamabad, Rawalpindi postponed

Representational image. —Unsplash
Representational image. —Unsplash

ISLAMABAD: The O and A Level exams, scheduled to be held on May 25, have been postponed, a statement from the British Council — which conducts the examinations — said Tuesday.

The announcement comes after the PTI decided to hold an "Azadi March" — a protest rally — against the government, in light of which several security precautions have also been taken.

"Exams in other parts of the country will continue as per schedule," the British Council said in a statement on Facebook. It further said that the exams from May 26 onwards are scheduled to continue as per plan. 

Students, parents express worry

Following the government's announcement to delay the exams, students and parents have expressed their concerns. 

Speaking to, Mrs Shafgufta, whose daughter is appearing in her A2 exams this June, said: "Last year, when my daughter was appearing in her A1 exams, they were called off due to the pandemic and as a result, she had to appear in the October / November session."

She claimed that the grade threshold for certain subjects — like business, psychology, and sociology — was so high that students attained an overall bad result when they appeared in the October / November session.

"Now, the same thing will be happening to this batch once again. Students prepare for the June exams but because of the gap, they have to prepare for the October/ November session again, which lowers their enthusiasm."

On the other hand, Sufia*, an A2 student, said that her main concern is getting into a university in a timely fashion.

"Appearing in the October/ November session because of the cancellation of the exam right now means I will get my results in January 2023. Consequently, I will not be able to start university this September and will have to wait for the whole year," she said.

Students and parents also said that they have to pay a hefty examination fee. "I am not sure if the exam fee will be refunded. I paid up to Rs180,000 worth of examination fees for two of my children appearing in the O and A Level exams, respectively," Mrs Shagufta lamented. 

Cancellation of other exams

Not only O and A Level exams, but the examinations of matriculation in Lahore and Rawalpindi have been cancelled. Similarly, the exams scheduled at the Punjab University have also been postponed.

The exams at the Lahore College for Women University and the exams for the Allama Iqbal Open University have also been delayed.

However, Allama Iqbal Open University announced that the postponed exams for BA (associate degree), BS, and B Ed will be held on June 23. 

The name of the student has been changed to protect privacy.