Thursday May 26 2022
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Watch: Woman gets trolled for her new 'horse teeth'

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Kellies teeth treatment. —Tiktok/@kellie_2323
Kellie's teeth treatment. —Tiktok/@kellie_2323

A woman got her crooked teeth fixed after being unhappy with them for a long time. However, she was soon attacked by trolls on social media telling her that her teeth looked like a "horse's". 

Kellie spent £4,000 on the surgery in Turkey. TikTok users were quick to rush to the comment section to remind her that she did not look good. 

Watch: Woman gets trolled for her new horse teeth

Kellie posted her journey in a video and got more than 70,000 likes.

A user said: "Ew you look like a horse with your new teeth."

"Get a refund," said another. 

Someone asked: "Why are your teeth so long?"

Kellie got back to her trollers by posting another video showing off her teeth with the background audio saying "so what?"

In another video, Kellie also explained the matter, "The temps I had for two days to protect my teeth were long."

"I will not allow internet trolls to give me another complex because my teeth don't suit their idea of perfect," she added.

She also said that she was "happy and the length of her teeth" did not affect anyone but her.

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After this, many rallied for the young woman, supporting her, and defending her against the negative comments. 

"Huge difference! They look great. Ignore the hate," a user said. 

"You know what I did think that maybe they are a bit big for you but then I went back and looked at them before and wow you look great!" exclaimed another. 

"I think they look amazing," another reassured.

"Don’t care what people think they look stunning and suit you so well," echoed a user.

A supporter explained: "Respectfully as possible her natural teeth were quite long, they can't just make her teeth shorter because her bite would be out."