Saturday May 28 2022
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'Is it bad that I chose my dog over my girlfriend?'

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(representational) A man hugs a dog. —Pixabay/besnopile
(representational) A man hugs a dog. —Pixabay/besnopile

A man was encouraged by his social media followers to end his four-year long relationship with his partner because she did not like his dog, reported Daily Star.

The woman claims that the dog gets on her nerves. 

He explained that his dog had separation anxiety and cried in the absence of its owner. 

He sought advice on Reddit, telling the public that he has two dogs and has been with his girlfriend for four years.

"Lately she's been asking me to take my youngest to the shelter or have her put down because she can't handle when she screeches," the post read.

He said that his girlfriend told him that if he did not put away the dogs, she would leave him.

He added that while he pretended to agree at that moment, he does not intend to send his dogs to a shelter as his "dog has been getting a lot better."

The young man wondered whether his girlfriend's bipolar disorder was what was causing her feelings towards the dog. 

He also said that the dogs had started acting anxious since she moved in.

"Last year when my girlfriend was gone for most of the year, my dogs and cat were so chill," he wrote.

He asked if he was a bad person for choosing his dogs over his girlfriend. There were mixed comments, with some telling him he should leave his partner and others asking him to sympathise with the woman's diagnosis. 

A user said: "It sounds like you and your girlfriend just have different values."