After Sindh, Punjab to close markets at 9pm in a bid to conserve energy

New timings effective from Monday; decision to be reviewed on Eid; traders announce complete support

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A shopkeeper waits for customers at his shop at a local bazaar in Lahore, June 13, 2022. — Online
A shopkeeper waits for customers at his shop at a local bazaar in Lahore, June 13, 2022. — Online

  • New timings effective from Monday.
  • Decision to be reviewed on Eid.
  • Traders announce complete support.

LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz on Saturday announced that markets across the province would close at 9pm as the government seeks to conserve energy following a power crisis hitting the country.

The chief minister made the announcement during a meeting with representatives from trade associations, according to an official post-meeting statement.

The updated timings (effective from Monday):

  • Markets, shops, and businesses to shut down at 9pm
  • Marriage halls to be closed at 10pm
  • Restaurants close at 11pm
  • Traders to be given special exemption on Saturdays
  • Time limitations do not apply to medical stores

The chief minister said on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha, the government will consult with the traders and adjust the timings if required.

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The traders, according to the statement, have announced their complete support for the government’s steps to save energy.

Sindh's measures

A day earlier, the Sindh government announced that markets across the province will shut down at 9pm to save electricity as the country witnesses constant power outages.

The measure, which will remain in effect till July 16, is in response to the prevalent outages, and load shedding of the electricity and seeks to reduce the shortfall between the supply and demand of electricity, according to the notification.

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According to the notification, it was decided that the morning hours must be utilised for business activities.

All markets and shopping malls shall close by 9pm, the notification said, adding that this does not extend to medical stores, pharmacies, hospitals, petrol pumps, CNG stations, bakeries and milk shops.