Tuesday Jun 28 2022
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Student gives 'surprise' birth after rushing to toilet with abdominal pain

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Student gives surprise birth after rushing to toilet with abdominal pain

A university student in the United Kingdom was taken by surprise when she rushed to the toilet due to abdominal pain but gave birth to a baby boy weighing three kilogrammes, the Independent reported.

Jess Davis, 20, said she had "no idea" about her pregnancy and had been considering the pain in her belly were period cramps.

Since she was home alone, Jess called her friend and later an ambulance that shifted her and the baby to a hospital. According to the doctors, the baby was born at 35 weeks gestation.

Another extraordinary thing about this unexpected childbirth was that Jess didn't even have a baby bump or any other obvious symptom of pregnancy.

The publication quoted Jess as saying that her menstrual cycle had always been irregular so she didn't notice that she hadn't had a period in a while.

"It was the biggest shock of my life and I felt like dreaming," the new mother said while recalling the day, June 11, when she welcomed her son.

However, Jess had got over the initial shock and created a bond with the little one.