Tuesday Jun 28 2022
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WATCH: How this groom touches wife's feet out of respect

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Groom bends down to touch brides feet. — Screengrab via Instagram/@ditigoradia
Groom bends down to touch bride's feet. — Screengrab via Instagram/@ditigoradia

An "adorable" video clip of an Indian groom bowing before his bride and touching her feet is going viral on social media.

Traditionally, in India, a wife is supposed to touch the husband's feet out of respect, but this couple decided to break cultural barriers.

The video was posted by the bride herself on her Instagram. 

The caption read: “Our pandit didn't like this at all. But by the end of the ceremony, he whispered to me: 'You are one very lucky girl.'"

Inside the video, a text said: "A core memory."

“Aww that is the most adorable thing I saw on the internet today...." a user commented.

“Don't worry pandit is not gonna live with u guys,” reassured another.

“Now it seems our generation is doing the right things," a third user chimed in.

The video has garnered more than 426,000 likes and even more views.