Thursday Jun 30 2022
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Prince Andrew ‘relaxed’ at paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous island: Staff

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Prince Andrew is said to have ‘made himself at home’ at Jeffrey Epstein’s infamous island, where he was known to have solicited underage girls for sex, as per a former staff member quoted by The Sun.

According to the former housekeeping manager who worked under Epstein, the Duke of York would mingle with both Epstein and now-convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell while at the island named Little St James.

Talking in a new Channel 4 documentary titled Ghislaine Maxwell: The Making of a Monster, Miles and Cathy Alexander claimed that they saw Andrew on the island on three different occasions.

Cathy was quoted sharing: “Andrew was so relaxed, he would open the door to the kitchen where I was and say 'right, what can we eat?' It was like his home in many ways.”

Their claims contradict Prince Andrew’s own denial of having any close connection with both Epstein and Maxwell.

Prince Andrew was also accused of sexual assault by Virginia Giuffre, who sued him claiming that she trafficked through Epstein’s ring to have illicit relations with the Duke of York.

He ultimately reached an out of court settlement with Giuffre.