Here are all the environmental disasters that happened in June 2022

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People and vehicles get stuck in water after the monsoon.— Unsplash
People and vehicles get stuck in water after the monsoon.— Unsplash

June 2022 was a month of several environmental disasters all over the globe. Heavy rains and wildfires in different parts of the world affected millions of people. 

Anadolu Agency compiled a timeline of all the events:

June 1:

Hurricane Agatha hit Mexico's Pacific coast, leaving at least 11 people dead and 22 missing.

A wildfire in a forest in Afghanistan lasted for at least four days.

Flooding and landslides triggered by torrential rain killed at least 106 people in Brazil.

June 4:

At least four people died after fires raged through a forest in northwest Pakistan.

June 10:

Spain experienced its first-ever heatwave.

June 13:

A dust storm in Iraq led to the suspension of flights from Baghdad airport.

Hundreds of schools in Spain's Extremadura region allowed students to go home because of severely hot weather.

June 14:

Many parts of the United States experienced extreme heat, flooding, and fire.

Flooding in Bosnia and Herzegovina caused at least 30 families to leave home.

June 15:

Eighty people passed away and 10 went missing after heavy rains and landslides in Colombia.

June 16:

Extreme temperatures and humidity killed 2,000 cattle in Kansas, US. 

June 17:

The heatwave in Spain got even more intense.

Five people get killed and many wounded in Pakistan after a house's roof collapses due to heavy rain.

June 18:

In Bangladesh's Chattigram, at least four people were killed by different landslides at a hilly site.

June 19:

Pre-monsoon rains in many parts of Pakistan caused flooding and killed at least seven people. 

A wildfire in Zamora, Spain, burnt 61,776 acres of land, making it the country's largest forest fire in decades. 

Floods in Bangladesh worsened, impacting millions of people.

June 20:

Nine more people were killed in floods and landslides in Assam, India.

June 22:

Bangladesh's heavy rains killed 42 people. Waterborne diseases were spread in affected areas.

A wildfire broke out in a forest in Turkey after which firefighters intervened via land and air.

June 23:

Greece experienced the season's first heatwave, with temperatures crossing 40 degrees celsius. 

Flooding water from India took 68 lives in Bangladesh and waterborne diseases continued to increase. 

June 24:

Floods in India's Assam killed 10 more.

June 27:

Violent rains in China affected thousands of people.

June 28:

A residential building collapsed after torrential rains, killing at least 19 people.

June 30:

A landslide in Manipur, India, claimed the lives of eight people and over 50 go missing.

Approximately three million people in Bangladesh were displaced after extreme rains and monsoon flooding. As a result, 92 people got killed.