Monday, July 18, 2022
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Man murders wife, cuts body into pieces, and dumps head in bin

Woman’s remains found in husband’s backyard after she went missing

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Image showing a police tape against the blurred background of a police car. — AFP
Image showing a police tape against the blurred background of a police car. — AFP

A 66-year-old man murdered his wife 45-year-old wife, dismembered her body, and threw her head in a dumpster.

In court, the accused, identified as Roberto Colon, said his wife, Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet, stole from his mother. 

In an argument following the accusation, Colon “snapped” after Mullet hit him with her handbag. Colon then hit his wife with a pipe, which ended up killing her.

He admitted to washing her body before cutting her arms and legs with a saw. Thereafter, he buried her remains and threw her head in a dumpster, which was never found by police.

Before the incident, Mullet was upset with Colon after he hurled stealing allegations at her. She had allegedly told her friend that she would return Colon’s belongings to him and then cut him off.

Mullet was on the phone with her friend when she said “No, no Colon” and the phone went dead.

Two days later, the friend called the police.

Upon investigation, police found blood stains in the garage and later arrested him for possession of drugs while searching his home.

After the arrest, detectives found disturbing human remains buried in Colon’s backyard.

The couple had married at the Delray Beach courthouse in Florida last year as an agreement that was supposed to benefit both of them.

Mullet’s license as a scientist didn’t apply in America. After meeting her, Colon offered to marry her so she could obtain US citizenship. In exchange, Colon asked Mullet to look after his mother and she agreed.

Colon pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison in March.