Saturday Aug 06 2022
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Here are the world's happiest and angriest countries

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Group of people on a bus in Yogyakarta City. —Unsplash
Group of people on a bus in Yogyakarta City. —Unsplash

A new global survey has revealed which countries in the world are the happiest and which ones are the most stressed. 

International survey company Gallup conducted a global poll and asked 140,000 people how they feel to create a "global emotional temperature map", reported National News.

The countries that were found to be the most well-rested were Indonesia and Malaysia. Nearly 99% of people in Paraguay shared that they felt respected every day.

While other surveys look at financial situation, life expectancy or health care, this report focused primarily on how people simply felt.

The poll asked questions about people feeling well-rested or the amount of time they laughed or smiled.

In Indonesia and Malaysia, 88% of the 1,000 people questioned said they felt well-rested while 73% in Lebanon and 68% in Afghanistan said no.

Other questions included, "Did you learn or do something interesting yesterday?” and whether the individual was treated with respect.

Honduras was crowned as the country with the most smiles followed by Indonesia, Panama, and Cambodia.

Negative feelings were also taken into account and questions related to sadness and anger were also asked.

According to the results of the survey, Lebanon is the angriest country in the world with the most stressed people who have not experienced any joy for a while.

Finland was found to be the happiest nation in the world for the fifth time in a row followed by Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

Other countries that felt anger were Turkey, Armenia, and Iraq while countries that experienced no anger included Mauritius, Estonia, and Portugal.

Citizens who said they felt pain belonged mostly to Sierra Leone, Benin, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt.